BLOG-gemini-search-adsLast week I covered Yahoo Gemini Native ads. This week is all about Yahoo Gemini Search Ads.

While Yahoo can deliver search ads for up to 49% of desktop traffic, Gemini has done most of their enhancements on the mobile search experience.  They’ve made a richer and more helpful ad to enable the consumer to take action quickly.  The new Yahoo Mobile search enables action by showcasing the best results from top sources across the web and industry leading partners.  It also drives engagement through a new look and feel built around people, places and things, and the way you use your phone on the go.  This new experience has been successful for them with sessions increasing by 80%.

You can create search campaigns in the Gemini user interface, but if you are a power user like us, you are probably asking yourself: “Where’s the editor?”  There isn’t one…yet.  Your best bet on building search campaigns in Gemini is to create limited ad groups with only your top performing keywords.  Alternatively, your Yahoo account manager can import your Google or Bing campaigns.

Here’s a summary of the features available with Yahoo Search Ads:

  • Keywords: Target with broad, modified broad match, phrase and exact match keywords.  Negatives are exact or phrase match.  Keywords can have their own destination URL.
  • Ad Specifications: The big benefit of Yahoo search text ads are the generous 50 character titles.  The other character limits are pretty standard with 150 for the description and 35 for the display URL.  Ad rotation is automatically set to optimized.  Ads support the use of dynamic text.
  • Targeting:
    • Geographic Areas – Like Native Ads, you can target by country, state, city, DMA and radius around coordinates. Radius can be specified in increments of 1 mile up to 500 miles specified by longitude and latitude. Geo Bid Adjustments are available from -90% to +900%.  Bid adjustments can only be made through bulk upload or via the API.
    • Time Of Day – Ad scheduling is possible in 15 minute increments.  Scheduling can only be done through bulk upload or via the API.
    • Device – Bid modifiers are available for all three devices.  Desktop from 0-100%. Smartphone from -100% to +300%. Tablet from -20% to +300%.  Bid adjustments can only be made through bulk upload or via the API.
  • Ad Formats:
    • Sitelink Extensions – While these are not enhanced with description lines, you should definitely include them.  They can only be added through bulk upload or via the API.
    • Call Extensions – These do not use a forwarding number for tracking and can only be added through bulk upload or via the API.
  • Product Ads: This is currently an open pilot and is only available on smartphones and tablets.  Desktop testing is underway, but it is not yet open to advertisers.  These must be set up through your Yahoo account manager.

I’ll talk about my final thoughts on Yahoo! Gemini next week.