BLOG-gemini-native-adsLast week we covered the three types of Yahoo Gemini campaigns. This week is all about Yahoo Native Ads.

What is Native Advertising?

Yahoo Native Advertising is available on mobile, tablet and desktop computers.  Essentially, it’s when the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed.  On the Yahoo Network, this could mean appearing seamlessly between other articles on Yahoo News, in the stream on Yahoo Homepage, on Tumblr, Flickr and more.  Basic ad scheduling is available in the form of start and end dates.

Creative Options

Native ads include a generous headline (50 characters), ad description (150 characters), your company name (25 characters) and a static image (1200×627 and 627×627) or video (MP4, 4:3 or 16:9, Up to 1GB).  Videos have autoplay and expanded view. A view counts when 50% of pixels are in view for a minimum of 3 seconds.  Audio is turned off by default and like static images, they are clickable to the advertiser’s site.  Given the nature of native ads, Yahoo recommends changing your creative every 5-7 days.  Images should be simple, feature a single product, include a logo and should not contain more than 20% text.  Ad copy should tie in with the product image and aim to drive an emotional response.


Native ad targeting options are really the star of this platform.  From default broad targeting to niche lower funnel targeting, Gemini has you covered.  Yahoo recommends using a blend of targeting aligned within one creative strategy for best results.  This allows you to change your messaging as a user moves further down the sales funnel and deliver the biggest impact at the right time.  

  • Language, Geographic & Demographic Targeting : Standard language and gender targeting is available.  Gemini also allows you to include or exclude by country, state, city, DMA and radius. Radius can be specified in increments of 1 mile up to 500 miles specified by longitude and latitude. Age brackets include 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64 and 65+.
  • Broad Targeting & Behavioral Interest Targeting: Unlike most other ad platforms, if you set no targeting criteria whatsoever, it doesn’t just show your ad to anyone and everyone.  Yahoo calls this broad targeting and uses Gemini’s personalization engine to target your ads.  It looks at your website, user search history, user behavior and more to find your relevant audience.  Interest targeting allows you to choose general categories if you want to give their engine a bit more direction, but either way, this is their most basic level of targeting.
  • Search Retargeting: This targeting method allows you to serve native ads to users who have searched for terms from your pre-defined keyword list.  This can be very useful in getting your business in front of potential customers when they are further along in the sales cycle.
  • Site Retargeting: Get even more precise with retargeting and serve tailored native ads to users who have visited your site in the past. It works within a max 30-day window.
  • Mail Domain Retargeting: This targeting option is Yahoo’s version of Gmail Sponsored Promotions.  It allows you to serve native ads to Yahoo Mail users who have received emails from your pre-defined list of domains.
  • Customer List: Although email targeting is not (yet) available, you can target a customer list of Google or Apple Advertising ID’s.  Email lists are in the works.
  • Custom Bundles: If you have a specific profile of your ideal customer, get in touch with your Yahoo account manager.  They can create custom bundled audiences based in your feedback.

Check out my blog next week on Yahoo Gemini Search Ads.