BLOG-Yahoo-Gemini-Final-ThoughtsThe last four weeks have covered:

Let’s cover the last few essential pieces of Yahoo Gemini.

Conversion Tracking

Yahoo Gemini uses Dot for event tracking across Yahoo’s search and native ads.  Advertisers who use Dot can also gain access to additional insights in the performance of their campaigns and adopt remarketing.  In the Gemini UI, you’ll receive your Dot code when you create your first conversion rule.  The Dot code goes on every single page of your website in the <head></head> section.  

Conversion rules can either use a destination URL (begins with, equals or regular expression) or you can create an event.  If you use the destination URL option, there is no other code you have to install.  Simply install the main Dot code and create your conversion rule in the Gemini UI.  However, if you want to use an event, you will have to install one additional snippet of code.  You can now report conversion revenue with event codes, as well.  Install this code only on the conversion page or trigger in the <body></body> section.

One of the interesting features of Dot is its ability to integrate with Bing Ads UET.  You can link these two tags if you contact your Yahoo account manager and take advantage of Dot’s full functionality, which includes the ability to track performance on the Yahoo Bing Network.


The Yahoo Gemini reporting dashboard has a variety of pre-built and custom reporting options for you to get pretty much any data you need.  You can schedule the reports to run Once, Daily or Weekly.  At this point all reports are exported as CSV files, so if you’re looking for fancy graphs and bells and whistles, you’ll have to wait awhile.  That being said, you can still get the data you need in order to make optimizations.

Campaign Optimizations

As someone who’s been using Yahoo Gemini for awhile, I will freely admit that campaign optimizations can be difficult.  The UI needs a lot of work and we encounter tons of glitches.  While you can now view data down to the keyword level within the UI, sometimes you can’t see the keyword or change bids like it’s designed to do.  These are the growing pains I eluded to earlier, and unfortunately it’s just part of the deal.  We’ve found the best way to manage these campaigns is to export your data into excel and upload any bid changes as a bulk upload.  While this is not ideal, it is reliable.

Coming Soon to Yahoo Gemini

Yahoo Gemini is new to the PPC world.  It is far from perfect, but they are regularly adding new features, enhancements and upgrades.  Here are a few things in the pipeline:

  • Advanced Location Targeting
  • Reporting Updated by the Hour
  • UI Usability Improvements
  • Additional Product Ad Categories
  • Increased Supply
  • My Audience – Website Actions, Mobile Device IDs, Emails and In-App Events.
  • Monthly Frequency Management
  • Audience Verification with ComScore and Nielsen
  • Video Available through BrightRoll DSP
  • Cross-Channel Campaign Insights

Ready To Get Started?

Yahoo Gemini definitely offers some unique opportunities.  For those of you struggling for traffic or if you know that your target audience is using Yahoo, it’s probably time to test this new network.  Get in touch with your JumpFly Account Manager and we’ll help get you started!