As a Yahoo! Traffic Quality Council Member, I attended the 2nd annual Yahoo! Traffic Quality Summit at the Yahoo offices in Burbank, California this past week.  The purpose of the Yahoo! Traffic Quality Council is to determine how Yahoo! can Yahoo! Traffic Quality Councilimprove the quality of click traffic that online advertisers are receiving.  They know we need to work together to grow the world of PPC advertising, to keep it strong and to bring advertisers the best ROI possible.  I do have to give Yahoo! credit for reaching out to us and others in the online advertising community, bringing us in to visit with them and listen to our feedback.  Believe me, they are listening and they do care what we advertisers have to say.

What many PPC advertisers don’t realize is that they are not even charged for 12%-15% of the clicks coming in from their Yahoo! PPC campaigns.  If Yahoo! cannot determine the validity of a click, or if they discover a blatant pattern of misuse from a user, they will then discard those clicks as invalid, even if that click brings you a conversion!  Yahoo! would rather error on the side of caution for the benefit of the advertising community than charge advertisers for a click that has the possibility of being an invalid click.  They have a highly dedicated team in place who are constantly monitoring this.

There are some interesting changes coming from Yahoo!, which I am not at liberty to disclose right now, but I am confident that they are moving in the right direction.  More news to come.

Below is Yahoo!’s description of their Traffic Quality Council.

Advertiser Traffic Quality Council
An Advertiser Traffic Quality Council has been assembled to represent the interests of all advertisers regarding traffic quality. These selected advertisers will travel to Yahoo! Search Marketing’s headquarters to meet with the Network Quality teams and provide feedback on how we can continue to enhance our approach to network quality.