Anybody could set up PPC advertising accounts on their own, so why should they ever consider paying someone else to do this for them? Though I am obviously biased, I will certainly try to be as objective as possible. There are many good reasons for advertisers to outsource PPC management to qualified professionals, though some business models are not well suited for PPC advertising (click here to view Mike Tatge’s blog about some companies that should avoid PPC advertising). Although hiring professionals typically costs anywhere between 10%-20% of an advertiser’s budget, this expense will often be more than justified by the resulting ROI.PPC advertising

Working with qualified PPC advertising professionals ensures proper setup right from the start. There are many different ways to go about setting up new PPC campaigns and it is critical to work with a professional that understands best practices for achieving maximized results. There are multiple common PPC advertising pitfalls that top-level professionals will help advertisers avoid. Furthermore, experienced PPC account managers will apply proven strategies that help PPC advertisers quickly maximize results and realize the full potential of PPC advertising.

Established PPC management providers can likely provide immediate access to Google, Yahoo and MSN support that may otherwise be considerably more challenging to attain for small to mid-sized advertisers. This detail may seem insignificant now, but will become incredibly valuable if and when an issue arises.

Trained PPC specialists will help advertisers eliminate the learning curve and provide ongoing account reviews and results based modifications. At JumpFly, I have frequently seen clients realize drastic reductions in their cost per conversion once re-setup and properly managed (view PPC case studies). Professional assistance enables advertisers to accurately determine if PPC can work for their business.

This is honestly just a tiny sampling of the potential benefits provided by professional PPC management. It is critical to work with a proven company that will take the necessary time to understand your needs and is capable of implementing the most effective strategies to achieve them.  Several reputable PPC advertising firms provide money back guarantees and month-to-month contracts. For advertisers already spending over $1,000 per month on PPC, it sure seems like something worth trying to me. In fact, it appears the only risk of professional PPC management is not trying it at all.