Be careful when allowing non PPC professionals access to make changes to your PPC campaigns! Letting web designers and others in your account can negatively impact your results and bottom line if the wrong moves are made.

PPC AdvertisingCase in point: I have a long-time client who has a new web consultant that is cleaning up their site, improving the navigation, creating new pages, and really doing a nice job for my client. I got a message on Friday that some of the URLs were going to change over the weekend and that the webmaster would pause the AdGroups that were affected. Once the changes were made, on Monday I’d be able to go in and fix the URLs.

Unfortunately, this well-meaning web person caused a major negative impact without his knowing. He did the seemingly logical thing of changing every single ad in this client’s Google account instead of waiting for me to take care of things on Monday. See, the problem is if you change an ad, you lose that ad’s data, its CTR, its history – you basically wipe the slate clean and start from scratch. Had he not done this, I would have been able to made the changes for the client so that the ads went to the correct, new landing page, but without changing the ad. He had no idea that this could be done. Now the client has to deal with potentially higher bids to maintain position in an already competitive marketplace with a small daily budget that’s already stretched thin; or be in a lower position until the ads rebound.

This isn’t an unrecoverable error, but it is one that did not have to happen.

When someone who doesn’t know the ramifications of what they are doing in a PPC account starts making changes, bad things can happen. Hiring a PPC management company like JumpFly, where the account managers know the best way to make a change without negatively impacting an account, can really pay off. The fastest or easiest change isn’t always what is the best, and an experienced PPC person can help you navigate the crazy, intricate nuances of the search engines.