So you just have to ask your customers one question, “Do you feel like buying from me/hiring me/contacting me/partnering You’ve got to ask yourself one questionwith me/using my services?” Of course, you really should follow that question up with a pleasant “Well, do ya?” I’m amazed at how many websites don’t focus on that core question, especially those using pay per click (PPC) advertising to drive traffic to their sites.

If your goal is for a potential customer to call you, then why don’t you have your phone number on every page, asking the customer to call you? If your goal is for a potential customer to purchase something, why don’t you have an Add to Cart button immediately visible on the page right next to the product? If your goal is to get a potential client to send you their contact information, then why don’t you have a simple form available for them to fill out with a nice big Submit button right beneath it?

What action do you hope to entice a new customer into performing? You must ask yourself that question because you need to have an answer for it. If you just send potential customers to a page that doesn’t entice them to perform the action you want them to perform, the odds are greatly in favor of them not doing what you want them to do. Is that what you want to accomplish, especially after you’ve paid for that click with your hard-earned money? I sure hope not.

So go ahead and ask yourself that question, too.

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