jumpfly-webinar-seriesWhen does it make sense to bid on your brand? Search marketers argue about this all the time—but they never give you a definitive answer. Do you always bid? Should you rely on your organic rankings?

BrandVerity, a brand protection and monitoring company, recently reached out to Nikki Kuhlman, a seasoned PPC veteran, to ask if she would be willing to share insights from 15 years of paid search management in a joint webinar, and Nikki jumped at the chance. The webinar aired on November 7th. Nikki was joined by Preston Holland, BrandVerity’s Director of Business Development and moderated by Ulla Saleh, BrandVerity’s Content Marketing Manager. Nikki and Preston gave concrete reasons why comapneis should absolutely protect their brand, and gave examples of what happens when you don’t.

Topics that Preston and Nikki covered included:

  • Which branded keywords should you always bid on
  • What branded keywords should you avoid
  • When to bid on others’ brand names
  • Why trademark bidders target your brand terms
  • How to protect your brand

Preston and Nikki share real world examples of companies protecting their brand, as well as those who haven’t and why it’s a problem. At the end of the webinar, participants were able to send in their questions for Nikki and Preston.

Watch the Webinar on Vimeo

50 minute run time