Content match provides an excellent opportunity for corporate branding, or the creation and dissemination of a corporate identity. Content match enables advertisers to realize tremendous exposure at an affordable cost, but also presents potential hazards if not properly setup, monitored & modified.

Today, I reviewed one account that I am familiar with to provide a specific example of Content Match’s PPC Newspotential reach; I’ll refer to this as Client X. I am going to refer specifically to Google AdWords results for this example.

In the past 2 weeks, Client X received a total of more than 2 million impressions via Content Match compared to just over 100,000 search impressions. The 2 million content generated impressions resulted in 529 clicks, costing about $300 or $0.17 CPM (cost per thousand impressions). Of those 2 million+ impressions, 1.5 million were contextual and 500,000 were image ads. Client X does have conversion tracking in place and Content Match provided conversions at a cost in line or lower than the cost-per-conversion associated with search.

Though content match exposure is less targeted than search generated traffic, it certainly represents a great way to reach out to an enormous audience that can increasingly be better targeted. Google is improving this all the time. Client X will receive over 4 million page impressions this month thanks to Content Match. Numbers like that represent a substantial base of potential customers for any business. However, Content match success does not come without challenges.

Content Match requires a unique setup, lower bids to start and ongoing monitoring to check the websites carrying your ads. At this stage in the game, reviewing the content providers is still incredibly important. I was able to use Client X’s analytics data to identify a handful of websites where this client’s ads should not have been running, and then used Google’s Site Exclusion Tools to block those websites. This step is critical. There are still some questionable content partners who need to be monitored. In the end, Content Match can be quite powerful, but use caution or consider professional PPC Management.