Google gave a heads-up to AdWords users who are still using their old logins and have not yet updated to the free Google account logins. On November 1st, Google will disable any login that is still using the older Adwords login and hasn’t updated to the new systeUpdate Old Google AdWords Loginsm.

Google account logins were introduced in 2005. They let you use a single email and password to access the many Google services available like AdWords, Gmail, Google Checkout, etc. Until now, switching an AdWords account to a Google Account was completely optional. For security reasons, Google is now requiring that everyone use a Google Account login for their accounts.

To update your old AdWords login you basically have several options available that depend on if you manage your AdWords account yourself and if you already use other Google services. Both options require that you first login to your Google AdWords account. You will most likely be automatically directed to their update wizard. If not, simply click the “Update your login to a Google Account” link which is located at the top of the page. There will be a short introduction to read, and then click “Continue.” Next, follow the steps that best relate to your situation and remember to pick a new unique password at the end.

For more detailed step by step information, Google provides a great help page on how to update your AdWords login. If concerned, contact a qualified Google AdWords management company.

Additionally, it is always a good idea to regularly change your passwords for security protection. View a recent article by Nikki Kuhlman discussing common phishing email scams.

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