Unless you have been living under a rock the last 12 months, I am sure you have heard about the TREMENDOUS (1500%) growth that Twitter has Twitter Paid Searchexperienced.  Although they have been appearing regularly in all types of media outlets, many were wondering how Twitter planned to monetize itself.  In the late part of 2009, Twitter inked lucrative search deals with both Microsoft and Google to allow Twitters Tweet Stream to show up in search results (and a similar deal with Yahoo! is currently pending).

So, how else does Twitter plan on making a profit?  Answer:  PAID SEARCH

Twitter recently announced that it is planning to launch its own online advertising program this year which will resemble the Google AdWords PPC platform.  According to reports, these future Twitter ads will use the same 140 (or fewer) character parameters as users Tweets.  Ad results will be tied directly to Twitter users’ searches and will not appear unsolicited in their Tweet Stream – which is critical.  The fact that Twitter will not show unsolicited ads to their users is greatly appreciated by this Twitter user.  There is already enough “spam” in most Tweet Streams, adding advertisements to the mix would be enough to drive some users crazy.

Although the proposed Twitter advertising platform will be similar to Google AdWords, it will also have one major difference.  Instead of offering Twitter advertising direct to advertisers, they will be targeting ad agencies and buyers.  This is just one more reason to take you online advertising business to the next level and use a professional PPC Management Company like JumpFly.