Perhaps you are like several of my clients who have found that the European Search Market presents a great opportunity for new business expansion. When we considering the ever decreasing value of the dollar against the Euro, European consumers are finding the purchase of American made products and services to be a great value. Correctly placing your ad in front of this new audience PPC Advertisingdoes present a challenge, however if done correctly, the reward is a well worth the effort.

Correctly targeting the different audiences is the key to success.

Rather than having just one catch-all PPC Advertising campaign for all of the European countries; I recommend a different campaign for each individual country or language.

While many of our European friends are well versed in the English language, it’s important to remember that many are not. With this in mind, it’s always a great idea to set the campaign’s “Target Audience Languages:” to both English and the countries native language. For example, if I was to create a PPC Advertising campaign targeting Germany, I would set the Target Audience Languages setting to show ads to both English and German.

I also recommend placing versions of your ad copy in both English and the native language. I have personally found that while the English ads receive a surprisingly decent response, by adding the foreign language versions the response increased 10 fold. As you might expect, the foreign language ads often out perform the English equivalent.

There are plenty of companies and individuals who offer translation services at reasonable rates, and this course of action would most likely provide the best possible translation for your ad copy. If your looking for a quick and free solution, Google Translate offers the ability to translate English phrases into several other languages. I suggest using small phrases and double checking the translation results prior to launching the ad copy. Different languages have unique terms and phrases that are often missed when using textual translation tools, so be careful.

Besides the usual ad copy requirements, I suggest that your ads address the fact that you ship or service that specific country, as well as promote the potential for great savings and value. Including the line, “We Ship Daily To Germany” will confirm to your customer that you are experienced and capable of sending merchandise to their location. “Save up to 50%” will certainly help get their attention.

Marketing your business to European customers can open the doorway to a whole new audience of potential clients and customers. JumpFly account managers are experts at correctly setting up Google Adwords campaigns. Which country does your next customer live in?