Should you put the price of your product in your pay per click advertising ads? I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard “we’ve got the lowest prices on the internet” from business owners. I also cannot tell you how many times a 30 second check of their competitors’ websites PPC Advertisingreveals that these same business owners do NOT have the lowest prices on the web. Sometimes they are not even close. When this is the case, a simple check allows anyone to see that you do not have the lowest prices on the web, then you probably do not want to promote your product pricing on the web. I am still amazed how often I see huge variances in prices on the exact same products amongst different web businesses.

However, if your prices are very similar to your competitors, you may want to try some pricing in your ad copy. You could very well bring in a higher converting crowd by letting them know upfront what their cost is going to be. You may get a lower CTR on the ad because the price might scare some folks off, but those people probably would not turn into buyers anyway, so you could say you have successfully screened out some of the “tire kickers.”

Now if your pricing is clearly the lowest on the net, then by all means you should consider shouting it to the heavens and letting everybody know it. So many buyers are price sensitive these days that your lower price proclamation may be your saving grace. Your competitors might take notice and could try to undercut you, so that is definitely a risk you take, but if you truly believe that they cannot last as long as you can at your price point, then let them try and take you on.

Tough economic times sometimes require bold moves.  To learn more about using your pricing within your ad copy, read what Google has to say in their blog on ad copywriting tips.