My last blog talked about a few things to consider when designing a good website. Now I want to move on to the basics of InternetPPC vs SEO Marketing or Website Promotion. Let’s start by outlining the components of Search Engine Marketing or SEM. There are two main routes to earning search engine visibility – Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, before I explain each of these in detail, let’s talk about your overall SEM goals first. What specifically are you looking to accomplish with your SEM efforts, and are your expectations realistic? This answer will be different for every business. A good SEM plan is never a “package deal”. Even within the same industry, each business is very different. Every company has a unique website, budget, goal, niche, reputation, sales pitch, pricing and more. Once you understand your specific goals and learn about the different Internet Advertising options and their likely outcomes, you can set proper expectations to judge results. Much needs to be considered and understood prior to outlining a logical plan of action. In my opinion, it’s not PPC vs SEO, rather PPC AND SEO. In almost all cases, a good SEM plan will include both tactics for search engine visibility.

Ok…enough with the acronyms already. Let’s get to the details! In my next post, I will describe PPC Advertising in detail.