There’s nothing more frustrating as an account manager than spending time researching relevant keywords, creating new PPC advertising campaigns, writing compelling ads and sending lots of quality clicks to a client’s site, only to have the search terms get hit with a poor Quality Index score.PPC Advertising

Google grades your landing pages (the pages on your site where the people who click your ad “land”) and gives each keyword in your Google account a Quality Score. The lower your grade, the higher your bids have to be; the higher the grade, the lower your bids, to the point that you can be spending less to be in a higher position than a competitor who has a lower position than you. If your score is bad enough, Google will actually turn those terms Inactive.

Sometimes it’s a few simple things than can help, and part of my job as a JumpFly account manager is to look at my clients’ sites and make suggestions to help improve landing page quality. There are some great articles out there on what makes a good landing page (and I’ll blog about that another day). We’ve seen clients more than double their conversion rate plus reduce their CPC when they improve their landing pages. In today’s economy, that’s smart business.