The New York Jets have signed NFL superstar Brett Favre.  Okay, that’s great for the New York Jets but what in the world does that have to do with Pay Per Click advertising?  Well, it made me think about some of the superstar keywords or ads you may have within your PPC accounts that might flourish if they were moved elsewhere.

For example, let’s say you have one particular keyword that is absolutely critical to your sales volume.  We’ll call that keyword “favre”.  Now if that “favre” keyword is co-existing wPPC Newsith hundreds of other keywords in the same campaign, and your campaign is often running into budget limitations, you should strongly consider moving “favre” into its own campaign with its own budget.  Let “favre” play on this new team, let that keyword flourish to its fullest extent.  If “favre” is a known, proven solid converting keyword, then you could very well reap the benefit of a few additional sales a day, or even more, by letting that keyword run hard and strong.  As we all know, a few extra sales a day can start adding up nicely and give that ROI a nice healthy kick in the pants.

You might also have some superstar ads in an ad group that are really performing and converting at a high level.  Take an extra look at the ad copy.  There might just be a turn of phrase that your customers find very compelling.  Take that superstar line of copy and create some new ads utilizing that copy in some of the ad groups that are not performing as well. You could spark a nice bump in conversions.

The bottom line is this:  Don’t always be complacent with your superstars.  Sometimes even they need a change of pace, or a new environment, to reach their full potential. 

Of course, if the Jets and Brett stink this year, ignore everything I just said above.