So the economy looks miserable. Is there any way to take advantage of this situation? Below are a few strategies that may help your PPC campaigns boost your short-term results and better position your business to come out of this downturn stronger than ever.

Aggressively Market Overseas if Applicable:PPC Advertising News

Everything in America is cheap overseas. One benefit of the weakening U.S dollar is that it causes international prices of U.S. products to drop, allowing others around the world to purchase our products at a reduced price. Hey U.S. manufacturers, you guys are particularly well positioned to take advantage of this unique opportunity. If you are not marketing overseas, now is the time to start, and PPC advertising represents an incredibly powerful platform to reach international customers. Furthermore, international online users represent a significant and growing number of potential customers. Per Patrick’s recent blog, it may be wise to start by using Google AdWords in the European market.

Create New Targeted Ads:

Appeal to the public’s increased sense of urgency to save money. Offer a possible solution or consider ads focusing on new lower prices or special incentives. For example, a car dealer might want to create ads that focus on their hybrid cars that provide better fuel efficiency or a DVD rental business may mention the value of saving fuel and watching videos from home. Use your ads to make the most of a bad situation and call attention to the fact that you are doing something to help, like reducing prices or offering free shipping.

Shift Advertising Budget to Mediums that Can be Tracked:

Now is a great time to ditch costly and difficult to measure traditional advertising mediums in order to increase advertising where results can be measured, like PPC advertising, where advertisers can control their budget and track conversions. Many businesses are already headed down this path as TV and newspaper ad spending in the U.S. has been declining since 2005 while online advertising continues to rise.

Consider Professional Assistance:

Now, more than ever, it is critical to maximize advertising results. The only way to determine if you are properly managing your PPC campaigns is to let the professionals take a look. At JumpFly, a free analysis & consultation are readily available, and results are guaranteed. Letting the pros take a look at your PPC campaigns will likely yield some startling findings.

Now is NOT the time to turn off online advertising! In fact, various sources reveal that companies that increased marketing efforts during a recession realized dramatic long-term benefits. Additionally, rising fuel and food costs will likely translate into increasingly cost-conscious consumers searching for deals more frequently online.  

Survive today & thrive tomorrow.