We always recommend the use of Google Conversion Tracking to all of our PPC management clients. Those who have implemented this feature may have noticed the small text block that would read “Google Site Stats” that automatically appears on the page where the code was placed. PPC ManagementThis text block links to a page on Google that provided information about conversion tracking and how to block the feature if desired.

Google recently announced that the conversion tracking site stats message is now optional. This is great news for PPC management clients who would prefer that this text block did not appear on their website.

If you have already set up your website with conversion tracking, the text block will continue to display unless you follow the directions to opt out of the Google Site Stats message.

The process is relatively simple. First, you click the “Conversion Tracking” link located in the “Campaign Management” tab. Selection the action you wish to modify and then click “edit settings”. Select “none” under the “Customize tracking indicator” section. Click “Save Changes & Get Code.”. After regenerating the code, you will need to copy the code and then re-paste it into your conversion page. You must remove the original code.

If you do choose to remove the Google Site Stats message, remember to update your privacy policy to inform users about the tracking methods you employ on your website.