My colleague Brad blogged about the Keyword Insertion (KI) Tool on June 2nd and he was right on the money with the great benefit and hidden dangers of the KI tool. Here’s another reason to be careful and why hiring a PPC Advertising company can help you avoid these pitfalls.

Google and Yahoo have some pretty significant ways in which they are different and the one I’m talking about today is the PPC Advertisingfact that in Google you can have search terms with misspelled words, plurals, word order variations, etc, which in fact you should do. On the Yahoo platform, there’s no need to add all these terms – in fact, they consider the correct and misspelled variation of the same word to be a duplicate, to the point that you can’t add them into the same AdGroup. If you’re bulk uploading a file from Google into Yahoo with misspelled and correct variations in it, I would bet that Yahoo, for some quirky and oh-so-annoying reason, would take the misspelled variation and delete the correct.

And there lies the pitfall when it comes to the KI tool in Yahoo. Let’s say you have the misspelled version of the term widget (wigdet) in your search terms. You’ve got “wigdet,” “blue wigdet,” “fast wigdet,” “cheap wigdet,” and “sale on wigdet” in one of your AdGroups. Your ad title reads {KEYWORD:Top-Quality Widgets} With Free Shipping.

POP QUIZ: What do you think the ad title would be if someone searched on the term “cheap widget”? Logically, you would think it would read: Cheap Widgets With Free Shipping, and that’s where you would be wrong! It actually reads Cheap Wigdets With Free Shipping (with Widgets spelled wrong) because the term that’s in your account is “cheap wigdets.”

In Google, it doesn’t matter because if someone searches the misspelled word and you have it in your account, that’s what they’ll put in the headline, the words will turn bold, everything will be fine. In Yahoo, you look like an idiot that doesn’t know how to spell. And to add insult to injury, since the word widget is spelled wrong, it doesn’t even turn bold!

The KI Tool: use with extreme caution. Or hire a PPC Advertising Management company and let THEM deal with all the little intricate details of the search engines.