Yahoo! Search Partner Alert

As I was reviewing the analytics data for our own JumpFly PPC advertising accounts, I noticed a significant increase in visitors from various sources that previously did not account for much traffic. Analytics data informed me that users from these specific sites were staying for just 0-5 seconds, while users coming from most traffic sources typically stay at JumpFly for several minutes. Some of these increasingly significant traffic providers PPC Advertisingincluded websites like, and Hmmm. Now I needed to determine what was responsible for making my ads appear at these websites. A little research revealed that these sites and other offenders were all Yahoo! search syndication partners. A-hah!

Currently Yahoo! Search Marketing (YSM) customers are automatically advertising on these partner websites and others too, without the option of turning off the search partner network. However, thankfully YSM advertisers do have the ability to block domains where they do not want their ads to appear, and blocking applies to both Sponsored Search and Content Match. I quickly blocked these offenders at YSM and my ads were removed from their websites within minutes. Having analytics in place was critical for me to identify where less valuable traffic was originating. Do you know where your website traffic is coming from? If not, it is free and fairly easy to implement Google Analytics.  Additional analytics tools are also available from various reputable providers. Analytics tools are great for many reasons, which may be further explored in a future blog.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to eliminate your PPC ads from appearing on undesired URLs at YSM.

Let’s take a closer look at Yahoo!’s search network. A recent survey reviewed by Aaron Wall at indicates that Yahoo!’s syndication network is the largest, representing 55% of traffic provided by YSM. This research also revealed that the average Yahoo! advertiser appeared on 1,196 websites where Yahoo! search ads were being served. In contrast, Google’s syndication network reached an average of 431 sites per advertiser and accounted for 41% of Google AdWords traffic. In both cases, syndication partners represent a large portion of overall traffic and clearly warrant the need to be monitored.

Do yourself a favor and implement some form of analytics tool to help better manage your PPC accounts.