One very important thing to consider when you’re doing PPC advertising is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). I ask my clients all the time – what is special about your company, why should someone buy from you, what do you offer that your competitors don’t – basically what is your USP? If you can’t answer that question quickly and clearly, then you need to figure it out. If you don’t know why someone should buy from you, how does anyone else?

PPC AdvertisingFrom a PPC advertising standpoint, a USP helps make you stand out from the crowd. If everyone is offering the same thing in their ads, you need to have a hook, something different to attract attention that has value to your potential customers. And not only that, your landing page needs to echo your USP, which definitely can help increase conversion rates.

Case in point: I had a client at one time who really couldn’t tell me their USP. They were a new company, offering a service via the Internet. They were similar to several other offerings out there, some of them free. Their website was nice looking, but there wasn’t a huge amount of “meat” to it. They assured me that they were working on more web content, and that they had done their competitive research and their prices were in line with the industry. I really didn’t have a lot of great selling points in the ad, but I did what I could. We started their PPC campaigns and people clicked at a decent CTR, especially in the competitive space they were in, but no one was buying. A few people signed up for a free trial, but definitely not at the level this client wanted. After going back and forth with the client, I started to do some competitive research and found out that not only were they not competitively priced, they cost almost $10 more per month with only half of the available services than their competitors. When I pointed this out to the client, they seemed shocked that it should actually matter. With no USP and a higher price point, they didn’t stay a client, or in business very long.