Yes, it’s only August but it certainly is not too early to start thinking about your holiday PPC management. This year has definitely been slow, PPC Advertisingso it will be nice to put some Ho Ho Ho in your PPC campaigns.

Don’t assume that your current finely tuned bids and positions are going to get you the business you want for the holiday buying season. Take a look at last year’s holiday data if you were running campaigns last holiday and compare where your bids and positions were then in relation to where they are now. There is often room, and often a need, to get a bit more aggressive during the peak buying season.

Check your old ad copy. Did you have a special ad running during the holiday that drove good conversions? You may want to re-visit those ads and run the same kind of holiday special with an even more aggressive call to action. If you didn’t do anything special last holiday season for your ad copy, you may want to consider trying some holiday-flavored ad copy this year. One word of caution, though. If you are trying out some new ad copy, I highly recommend PAUSING your existing ad copy instead of re-writing it and losing all of its click-thru history. Then, once the holiday season is over, you can resume your existing ad copy with its history preserved.

Here are last years Holiday tips from Google AdWords.

Santa Clause is coming. Are you ready?