By now, just about everyone has heard something about Facebook. So what’s the fuss? Well, for starters, it currently has more than 90 million active users and continues to grow at a rapid pace. According to Comscore, Facebook is the 4th most-trafficked website in the world. ThoughJumpFly at Facebook beginning at the university level with college students, Facebook exploded into multiple channels, with more than half of its users coming from outside of colleges. Furthermore, the fastest growing demographic is those 25 years old and older, representing professionals, specialists, athletes, celebrities, you name it; You’ll find it at Facebook.

Facebook knows a lot about its users and offers fairly impressive targeted PPC advertising opportunities. The traffic is certainly not as targeted as search engine marketing traffic, but is likely comparable to that which is provided by Content Match at Google AdWords or Yahoo! Search Marketing. For the right companies, Facebook can potentially target ideal new prospects. For example, one question Facebook asks is about political views. I initially chose “Democratic Party”, which I later changed to blank, as I am actually more undecided. Regardless, as a result, I quickly started seeing ads for a Free Obama Sticker Give-away. I thought that was fairly well targeted.

I then decided to setup an account for JumpFly to get more familiar with the interface and see how it works. I initially targeted advertising and marketing groups as well as business owners. So far, with limited effort, this account is providing about 20,000 impressions & 10 clicks per day for about $5 per day. It certainly provides significant exposure at a very reasonable CPC and CPM. We’ll see if it proves to provide conversions over time.

Facebook also allows you to setup a free page for a business, artist, band or public figure. For example, you can view the page I created for JumpFly, or even Michael Phelps’s page, but you have to be a member. Facebook represents one piece of the increasingly popular social-media-marketing marketplace. Joining is free. See you there.