Before I dive into the world of what makes a good Landing Page, I thought it might be beneficial to cover what Landing Pages are NOT.

First – a definition of a landing page: a landing page is the website page that you send a potential customer/client/contact to from some sort of web-based marketing. For the purposes of this blog, it’s the page of your site that the person “lands” on after they click your PPC ad.

  • PPC AdvertisingA landing page is NOT your home page.
  • A landing page is NOT an About Us page, unless you’re a service company where what you are really selling is yourself.
  • A landing page is NOT one-size-fits-all, unless you only sell one product or service.
  • A landing page is NOT where you want to advertise every product or service that you sell or offer.
  • A landing page is NOT a place to try out all the fun web technology like flash, pop-ups (or unders), dancing images, frames, dynamic pages or anything else that your web designer says is cutting edge.

Landing pages are very important to the success of PPC Advertising. Landing pages can increase your conversion rate, meaning more orders or leads for the same amount of money spent. It can decrease your CPC (cost per click) because Google AdWords, and to a lesser extent Yahoo, grades your landing pages and the better they deem them, the less you may have to pay for your clicks. Combine the two and your advertising dollar goes farther and gains you more ROI.

PPC Advertisers who get what a landing page is, who understand that it’s not simply a home page or a one-size-fits-all solution, who spend some time putting together well-thought out and designed pages, can really see their investment pay off and quickly. So what makes a great landing page? Come back next week and I’ll share my thoughts.