Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising at the best of times can be erratic – one day is great, the next is horrible, with no rhyme or reason that you can see, but lately it’s like riding a roller coaster where you can’t see what’s coming around the bend.PPC Roller Coaster

Here at JumpFly, we’ve always told our clients that they have to be patient with PPC, that it takes time to see patterns and what works and what doesn’t. We also know that PPC advertising is cyclical – one month a keyword can do great, producing lots of leads or sales, and the next it can completely tank. But lately, a lot of my clients’ PPC accounts have been even more erratic. I’m seeing 50% increases and decreases from week to week, where a client might get 20 conversions one week and only eight the next.

The thing is, people are still out there searching, so my clients’ spend is holding steady. And those clients who have run an “economic stimulus sale” are seeing good response, so people are willing to buy if they can find a deal. But regular sales, especially for “luxury” items, has gone down. But this is not the time to throw in the towel on PPC advertising or quit. Use this time to take a long hard look at what has been working, examine your website processes and see what you can improve. Maybe you can work on the text on your site, or improve the photos or do those things you’ve been meaning to do when business slowed down. Now is the time so you’re ready when it ramps up again.

Bottom line: just hang in there; times will change and the roller coaster will slow down to its slightly-less erratic pace.

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