The ever-evolving PPC Advertising Industry continues to add new twists. Beginning last Wednesday, Google officially included landing page load time as a variable that helps determine Quality Score. Per Google, “Keywords with landing pages that load slowly may get lower Quality Scores (and thus higher minimum bids). Conversely, keywords with landing pages that load very quickly may get higher Quality Scores and lower minimum bids.” Google believes that users have the best experience when they don’t have to wait a long time for landing pages to load, and visitors are more likely to abandon landing pages that load slowly. So please take this variable into consideration when designing landing pages.PPC Advertising

Next topic – Yahoo! CEO Jerry Yang and the entire Yahoo! board of directors are currently fighting to keep their jobs. Carl Icahn continues to press Yahoo! shareholders to vote them out of position, and Proxy Cards have been sent out to investors. Yahoo! shares have plummeted since the Microsoft deal has been allegedly taken off the table.

Meanwhile, Jerry Yang believes that Yahoo! is well positioned to embrace the future of Internet advertising with their pending new advertising management platform called AMP! from Yahoo! (View video) . Per Yahoo!, “the AMP! platform will ultimately help marketers buy across search, display, local, mobile, and video inventory – all from a single, integrated interface.” Yahoo! is currently the leader in display advertising, and is banking on the convergence of search and display advertising going forward. So, does this mean that Yahoo! is poised for greatness?

While Yahoo! may actually be in position to better capitalize on their 500 million+ monthly users, various former top Yahoo! managers appear to disagree. Just days after Yahoo!’s announcement that talks with Microsoft ended, three executive vice presidents, two senior vice presidents and numerous other well-regarded employees announced their intention to leave. Very interesting. That is certainly not a vote of confidence from Yahoo! management. I guess we’ll learn more in coming months. AMP! from Yahoo! is scheduled to begin roll out in phases, beginning this fall.

Regardless of how this plays out, there is an ongoing need for professional PPC advertising assistance, whether it be with search advertising, display advertising or whatever future technology may emerge. Internet advertising can be incredibly powerful, but is increasingly complex. New features and capabilities arise every week; It is more or less impossible for an individual (with anything else to do) to stay on top of this on his or her own, which is why professional PPC management is frequently the appropriate choice.