Several of my clients have seen a great deal of PPC advertising success marketing their products and services overseas to Europe. With the dollar continuing to show decline against the strength of the Euro, our friends over seas are now finding American products and services to be an incredible value. With this thought, the question always arises: Which search engine is top dog in Europe?

PPC AdvertisingBy far, Google is the leader in European search with an astonishing 80% market share.

Top 10 European Search Properties March 2008
Total European Internet Audience*, Age 15+
Home and Work Locations
Source: comScore qSearch

(Property – Searches MM – Share of Searches)
Total Internet – 24,550 – 100
Google Sites – 19,434 – 79.2
eBay – 752 – 3.1
Yandex – 528 – 2.2
Yahoo! Sites – 486 – 2.0
Microsoft Sites – 469 – 1.9
NASZA-KLASA.PL – 320 – 1.3
QXL Ricardo – 298 – 1.2
AOL LLC – 224 – 0.9
Ask Network – 201 – .8
Rambler Media – 125 – .5

*Excludes searches from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs.

It’s interesting to note that Russia now has the fastest growing online population, and with that their search engines that target specifically to Russian speaking individuals (Yandex) have also placed in the top ten above MSN and Yahoo.

As you can see, both Yahoo and MSN only pull of a measly 2% share each.

(Compare this to the US search share where Yahoo has 20%)

While this chart only shows Search Share, it is important to understand how Sponsored Search Share figures into this equation.

Google, as we know, is also the leader in Sponsored Search, however if we look at who Google supplies with their Sponsored Search ads, their dominance overseas becomes even larger.

  • Google has their own sponsored search.
  • Google feeds eBay their Sponsored Search listings through the Content Network.
  • (Yahoo will start to display Google ads within the next 6 months)
  • AOL uses Google search results and Google’s Sponsored Search results through the partner search network.
  • Ask uses Google search results and Google’s Sponsored Search results through the partner search network.

In other words, Google’s Sponsored Search ads appear in 4 of the top 10 search engines, and soon 5.

Also interesting is that eBay is considered a search engine and is placed well above Yahoo and MSN’s properties. Several of my product oriented clients have seen great results from their exposure on eBay Europe, and this would be an indicator as to why.

The bottom line here is that if you are looking at a great place to start marketing your products or services to Europe via PPC Advertising, then Google should be your first step. One of the many advantages of using JumpFly for your PPC Management is the benefit of our experience and expertise with marketing countless products and services to regions all over the globe.

Where are you looking to expand your business too?