So Christmas is almost here and if your sales aren’t as good as you like, don’t fret, there’s still the post-holiday shopping days. Have you ever gone to the malls a few days after Christmas? The crowds are intense, but the sales are pretty darn good. Kind of like Black Friday, only without Time is Running Outhaving to stand in the cold for hours.

Post-holiday sales – those two or three days after Christmas when people are looking to return their ill-fitting or “dud” gifts and spend their Christmas cash before they go back to work – can really be a boost to your business, if you are ready. Start looking now at what items you have quite a bit of. What do you need to move in order to make room for new lines or product? What has a great mark-up that you can easily afford to mark down and still make money on? Start thinking now about what you can mark down or offer as a BOGO (Buy One, Get One Free) or Buy One, Get One 50% off.

Consumers are trained to think of those days after Christmas as super-discount days. I know people who don’t do their Christmas shopping until after Christmas, just to save the cash or buy more for less. One of my clients already knows that anything Christmas related – from ornaments to tree toppers to nativity sets to Christmas dolls, decor and figurines – will be deeply discounted starting the day after Christmas. They don’t want to have to store it, and they need to make room for Valentine’s items.

So do your post-holiday sales strategy thinking now, before you hit the holidays yourself. You just might find that Christmas 2008 was better than you thought it would be.

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