In my final post about the new features in Google AdWords Editor, I’d like to review the new Placement targeted campaign options.

Google is really spending some time and energy on improving content network targeting as you may have read in my post about the enhanced campaign feature they enabled a couple of weeks ago.

PPC AdvertisingWe are starting to see some good results with our campaigns that combine the regular keyword targeting content campaign with the ability to designate exactly which sites our ads are placed on.

Now, within AdWords Editor we are able to add site placements at the Ad Group level. I still go to AdWords Online to begin the process of site placement because they will give you a really nice list of sites to choose from based on either keywords or other URLs. However, what I find the AdWords Editor feature useful for is copying a list of site placements into multiple Ad Groups.

It is also very useful if you are entering site placements using a placement report. Run a placement report from a recent keyword targeted content campaign, export it to an XLS file, create a list of sites that are working for your campaign and copy those into the Placements tab. Very streamlined!

Additionally, if you are working with a traditional keyword targeted content campaign, you can now add negative sites at the ad group level.

Once again, anything Google adds to the AdWords Editor that streamlines our process and allows us to get more work done remotely just adds time to our day!

If you’d like more information or training on using Ad Words Editor, check out this release announcement from Google.