You can’t do it alone. 

This is not something new to entrepreneurs and small business owners but I’ll say it anyway:  you can’t do everything and you can’t be great at everything.  If you try to excel at too many things, you will end up only mediocre in many things as opposed to strong in a handful of your core business skills.Outsourcing May Be the Key

Obviously, here at JumpFly, we believe strongly in the concept of outsourcing.  Our business is made up of clients that have chosen to outsource their PPC management.

But my belief in this philosophy goes beyond the services we offer.  I believe there are many places in your business where you should consider “letting go.”  It can be difficult to delegate, especially if you are an entrepreneur. But it is critical to your growth to understand that not only do you have limited time to perform these tasks, you also have limited capacity to learn them and become skilled in them.  

I have found this to be true in many aspects of businesses both online and off, including programming, graphic design, accounting management, just to name a few.  These are professions that, like PPC management, require fairly large learning curves and once mastered require constant use, practice and education to maintain the skill.

Always keep in mind what your time is worth on other tasks in your business and when deciding whether to hire out these important business roles, be sure to take the cost of your time – both in performing the task and becoming educated on the topic – into consideration.

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