So says Reuters News Service. 1 in 2 pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns paying out money for clicks they don’t really need. So says me. It’s really just a made-up statistic, but I’ve seen that happen often enough that I can say with certainty that it’s happening quite often in quite a lot of campaigns that we have seen over the years. I think Stop Wasting Money!many people managing PPC campaigns in Google AdWords, Yahoo and MSN have a tendency to hold on to keywords far longer than they probably should, or they’ll hold on tenaciously to higher positions when the ROI simply just does not justify holding on to such aggressive spots.

Sometimes you do need to just cut your losses and run. Hope is a powerful thing, yes, but hoping a keyword will still convert after it’s received a hundred clicks with no sales attributed to it will only continue padding the coffers of the search engines, not yours. You need every extra penny you can get out of your marketing efforts these days.

Now is the time to perhaps be a little bit more ruthless in your treatment of your ill-performing keywords. You don’t have to be so vicious as to slit their throats (i.e. delete them), but you can certainly give them a healthy dose of chloroform (i.e. pause them). You can always revive those knocked out keywords later if you notice a big drop in your sales, but I’ll bet quite often the only thing you’ll notice is that you’ll actually start saving money.

Don’t give them a bail out, knock them out.

If you’re not sure what to do, you might want to consider a free consultation from a qualified PPC Management Company.

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