Read this if you’ve been PPC advertising with Yahoo Search Marketing (YSM) since before June 2007. If you’re a new-ish YSM user (since July 2007), then feel free to ignore this blog.

PPC AdvertisingYSM converted to a new platform called Panama in June 2007. At the same time they came out with new conversion tracking JavaScript, while still supporting the original Overture legacy code. Lately, there have been intermittent issues with the legacy code – Security Warnings might be triggered in a shopping cart, conversions might not be tracked accurately, or tracked at all.

To solve the issue or prevent one from happening, the old JavaScript needs to be replaced by the new tracking JavaScript. To get the new code, login to your Yahoo account, click on the Administration tab, and choose the Analytics link. You most likely will have to activate Analytics, then copy the JavaScript code. Replace the old code with the new code where necessary on your website.

To see if you are using the old code, check your Thank You page(s) and look for JavaScript in the head tag. If the JavaScript has the the line “Overture Services Inc. 07/15/2003” in it, than it’s the old Legacy code. If the JavaScript has “Yahoo! Inc.” in it, it’s the new code, and you don’t have to do anything.