Google AdWords Search Partners Prove Valuable

You may have noticed some new choices you now have on the Google AdWords Campaign Summary screen.  On the right side of the summary screen, there are numerous new options you have in the Statistics drop down box.  You can now view your pay-per-click (PPC) traffic data in several different ways.  You can isolate Google search traffic from the rest of the Google search partner network, giving you an immediate insight into where you are getting the Google Search Partners Prove Valuablebest/most converting traffic.  Some of these search partners include AOL, Earthlink,, AT&T Worldnet and

I’m happy to report that the Google search partner network is indeed delivering some very solid converting traffic.  Some of our clients here at JumpFly have expressed skepticism about the value of the traffic from those non-Google sites and have chosen to run on Google only, but throughout all the accounts I have looked at recently I am definitely seeing tremendous value in the search partner network.  Some of the search partner data is revealing that they can sometimes outperform Google itself.  If you have not tried running on the search partner network due to concerns about its value, now is the time for you to include those partners and give them a chance. 

One thing you cannot do, however, is bid separately for Google and the search partner network.  Keywords and Ad Groups still retain the same bid regardless of this new insight into how each is performing.  So, you may see that the search partner network is delivering conversions at twice the cost of Google but you will not be able to adjust bids for just the search partner network.  Conversely, you might see that the search partner network is delivering conversions at half the cost but you cannot get more aggressive on just the search partners because your bid is still tied to both Google and the search partners.  I’m pretty certain this will change in the future, but for now you can just look at the data and hope that change comes sooner rather than later.

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