Where Are Your Web Customers Coming From?

Google has an interesting new report called the Geographic Performance Report.  You will find it as a new report type you can create in the Report Center.  The Geographic Performance report allows you to view performance data broken down by geographic origin.  Here at JumpFly, we feel this report can occassionally provide some valuable detail.Google AdWords Geographic Performance Report

You can run the report on a Country/Territory level to really see whether or not various countries are peforming at an acceptable level.  For example, if you have a campaign running that has the USA lumped together with Canada, you can run a report that separates out your Canada costs/clicks/conversions from your USA data.  By doing so, you can get some interesting insight into whether or not other countries are truly bringing you the traffic you want, or if they are bringing you traffic at an acceptable cost.

You can also use the Google AdWords Geographic Report to further break down the geographic area into Regions, Metros and even down to the City level.  Let’s say you have the Los Angeles Metro area targeted in your AdWords geographic parameters.  You can dig deeper into that area by utilizing the Geographic Report and see if Beverly Hills is bringing more or better qualified traffic than Anaheim.  Or maybe you’ll discover Huntington Beach is where most of your conversions are coming from.  You could then take this data and tailor your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising ads to speak to that city that is performing the best, or perhaps create a new campaign just for that city with a very tight geographic focus and very specific ad copy that speaks to the residents of that city.

However you want to use it, the Geographic Report can provide some very interesting data for you to take action on, especially if you are a local service provider, or have numerous local brick and mortar locations.

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