Late last week, Google released AdWords Editor 6.0.1. This upgrade enables advertisers to download performance statistics for selected campaigns and ad groups, instead of always downloading statistics for the entire account. This is a great new time saving feature that will help make AdWords management more efficient for advertisers using AdWords Editor. Not familiar with AdWords Editor? Well maybe you should be.PPC Blog

Per Google, AdWords Editor enables you to make changes to your account quickly and conveniently, whether you’re editing one keyword or adding hundreds of text ads. Among other benefits, you can:

  • Work offline on your Mac or PC.
  • Upload changes to AdWords any time.
  • Store and navigate accounts.
  • Add, edit, and delete campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords, and placements.
  • Make large-scale changes quickly.
  • Perform advanced searches and edits.
  • Sort and view performance statistics.
  • Copy or move items between campaigns, ad groups, and accounts.
  • Export a snapshot of your account for archiving or sharing.
  • Import an archive or share file and review the proposed changes.

This is just a small sampling of the valuable benefits provided by AdWords Editor. If you are managing your own PPC advertising accounts, then you should certainly consider learning how to use AdWords Editor. Everyone here at JumpFly uses AdWords Editor every day.