BLOG-AdwordsReqListI love Google AdWords – I really do. I love how  they are innovators in the land of paid advertising. But here’s a list of things in AdWords that I would love to see changed or tweaked.

Here’s 11 of my “requests” in random order:

1. The Keyword Tool: I swear this thing keeps taking steps backwards, instead of improving. The results get less and less relevant, and the really  relevant terms don’t even show up unless I throw in different keywords. It’s been bad for over a year and a half, but just keeps getting worse. And it’s really easy to work for awhile on building a keyword list and then lose the whole thing by going to a different screen.

2. Ad End Dates: clients run promotions that we highlight in ads all the time, and nine times out of 10, they end on a Sunday night or at midnight, any time when we aren’t in the office to pause the ads. Why can’t Google give us ad expiration dates? They can do it on campaigns, why not ads? Labels and Rules help fill the gap, but an expiration date when I create the ad would be fantastic.

3. An Option for Enabled Ads and Keywords: Google allows us to show only enabled Campaigns and enabled AdGroups, but we have to see ALL keywords and ALL ads, even if they are paused. I don’t delete anything – I like to pause instead, so I might have 25 ads in an AdGroup. Let me hide those paused ads, and hide paused keywords, so I only see what I really need to see.

4. Search Partners – More Transparency and Control: the Search Partner network can be a great thing or a not so great thing, but it’s really hard to tell. We can see how it performs as a Segment on the Campaign, but that’s as far as it goes. I can’t target them with a separate campaign and budget, I can’t bid higher or lower, and you can’t exclude certain partners and run on the rest. It’s either all Search Partners or none. And some search partners are just plain bad for business.

5. Keyword data “Other Search Queries”: I love the fact that we can see the search queries that we are getting clicks, but what about all those “other search queries” – I would love to see the ones we DON’T get clicks on. If we’re showing on irrelevant terms, I’d love to negative them. It only makes what I show on more relevant to the user, and that’s what Google’s mission is all about.

6. Site Link Extensions: like I said in #3, I like to pause things instead of deleting them, but Google’s doesn’t always give me the option to pause. Sometimes I can only add or delete. Like in Site Link Extensions. I get that I can only have one set running, but let me pause and add new ones so I can go back and compare.

7. Click Fraud Reporting: give me more insight here. You show me that there are invalid clicks, let me act on it by seeing what IP addresses so I can exclude them. And expand the list of IP exclusions per campaign beyond 100. I have clients who use click tracking software to find suspicious active and want to exclude way more than 100 IP addresses.

8. Alerts on the Campaign Tab: they don’t go away! And now there’s a new alert on the campaign tab that shows you when Ads have been disapproved (which is handy). The problem is, when you fix the disapproved ads, the alert doesn’t go away. I’ve had alerts still sitting there even thought the ads were fixed 10 days ago. They either need to disappear automatically or I should be able to dismiss them. Same with the other Alerts that show there – let me dismiss them or let them lapse. (I’ve had User Invitation Alerts that have been there for months.)

9. Campaign Dimension Filter: I love the Dimensions tab – one of my favorite places to look for insight – but it’s either for all the campaigns or just one of the campaigns. I’d love to be able to filter them to show me a grouping of my campaigns in that tab, like all my Search campaigns, or all my Mobile campaigns.

10. Call Extension: don’t get me wrong, I like the call extensions, it’s just that when I want to add an existing one to a new campaign, I can’t see any specifics about it – is it for mobile devices only or is it call tracking? I can’t tell until I add it, and then many times, I picked the wrong one and I have to delete it. Give me the settings with the phone number in my pick list and that will solve that issue.

11. Google AdWords Support: I don’t have anything against the team itself as they are wonderful, just a couple things about how they respond on email. We use gmail for business and I have conversation threading on. The default subject line of an email from AdWords Support is Phone-Call Followup, so all my responses from various reps are threaded together into one ginormous conversation. I have one that’s been going on since July 6th between myself and about five Google Support reps, that’s over 56 threads long. The other thing is when they respond, they don’t tell you what client it’s about. I’ll get emails “Everything is fine now!” but I don’t know which client it’s for. If they would just alter their subject line to indicate that client, it would solve both solutions.

That’s it – that’s my request list. For now. How about you? What’s yours?