Last week I wrote about some of the new features in Google AdWords Editor Version 6.

PPC AdvertisingIn addition to the Ad Words performance statistics that I wrote about, they have made some changes to the Editing features available.

Spell Checker
By far, my favorite new editing feature is the spell checker.

This one is a huge timesaver.

We all know that correct spelling is crucial to your ad’s success, but before this change you needed to rely on manual verification.  I would go one step further and download the ad copy into Word to be sure the spelling was 100% error free.

Now this step can be eliminated, still knowing you have error free ad copy.

Drag & Drop
Another useful feature is the ability to drag and drop ad groups within the tree view.

There are many situations when you want to move or copy an ad group between campaigns or into new campaigns.

There are several settings that are available at the campaign level that would lead you to put an ad group in its own campaign.  For example you may want to control the daily budget of a particular ad group separately.  You can also control geo targeting or ad scheduling at the campaign level.  There are other settings as well, but these are the settings I use the most.

As an example, I just had a situation with a client where we noticed their campaigns were maxing out budget on a daily basis.  We were working to manage the ad groups and keywords to maximize their traffic without raising the budget, but there was one Ad Group that converted so well that it didn’t make sense to limit the daily budget in the same way.  We were able to quickly break the Ad Group out into its own campaign with its own daily budget separate from the rest of the groups.

We’ve been able to copy and paste or cut and paste ad groups between campaigns, but this just got even easier with drag and drop.

If you’d like more information or training on using Ad Words Editor, check out this release announcement from Google.