Microsoft Visits JumpFlySeptember 24, 2015 – Microsoft’s Tony Austin flew in from Seattle to spend a day at JumpFly to review Bing Ads’ changing relationship with Yahoo, and to discuss new platform features and how to optimize results from them. The PPC landscape continues to rapidly evolve and expert assistance from a dedicated Bing Ads Account Executive has proven invaluable.

In order to understand what is happening with Bing Ads today, it helps to understand a little background. Back in 2009, Yahoo and Microsoft formed a partnership in order to challenge Google’s dominance in online search. Under the 10-year deal, Microsoft’s Bing would deliver all desktop traffic on, while mobile traffic remained non-exclusive. At that time, mobile traffic was not yet relevant; today, we see a much different picture.

Despite Yahoo’s mobile stronghold, mobile ads were delivered by Bing Ads for a long period of time. That is until Yahoo Gemini was launched early last year. Traffic was slow to start, but Yahoo’s intentions were clear – they wanted their mobile traffic back. The game changed again earlier this year in April, when Yahoo and Microsoft announced an amended search partnership. Under the new deal, mobile traffic remains non-exclusive (100% to Yahoo), but now Yahoo can also deliver up to 49% of desktop traffic. Since then, Yahoo has aggressively started to ramp up traffic to Gemini. Some advertisers may notice the difference already, for others it may not yet be so apparent.

Tony helped explain exactly what is going on with the Gemini transition and how JumpFly clients would be impacted. Additionally, this change required JumpFly to transition its Bing Ads clients from Yahoo management to Bing management, which could have been a tricky situation, but Tony helped ensure that the transition was seamless for all JumpFly clients. Tony has additionally been of great assistance in helping resolve technology issues that occasionally arise.

Microsoft Visits JumpFly

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