microsoft-spends-day-at-jumpflyFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

May 11, 2016 – Three Microsoft Bing Ads team members traveled to JumpFly to spend a day with the team to review new features, improved tools and best practices for obtaining maximized results. Melissa O’Brien, Account Executive, Jeff Erdman, Account Manager and Matt Betz, Insights Manager, all contributed to the valuable meeting, making clear just how far Bing Ads has come over the last several years. The Microsoft Team also gave guidance as to what to expect in the near and more distant future. The bottom line is that Bing Ads has grown substantially since 2010, almost doubling market-share from 12%, up to 22% today (according to ComScore).

In addition to a growing user base, Bing’s audience provides other valuable characteristics as well, and should not be ignored. For example, according to ComScore, Bing users spend 145% more online than the average Internet searcher, and spend 44% more than Google searchers worldwide. Bing’s Syndication Network is growing and is expected to generate 19% of Bing’s overall traffic in 2016. Bing has 168 million unique users and continues to grow.

The Microsoft team reviewed recently launched Bing Ads features and new ones in the pipeline. Some newer features reviewed included URL Tracking Parameters, Auto-Tagging, Cross-Partner Linking, Image Extensions, Bing Shopping Campaigns and Remarketing in Paid Search. Some of the upcoming features that were discussed included Bing Ads Editor 11, Segmentation, Upgraded URLs, Automated Bidding, Callout Extensions, Review Extensions and more.

Microsoft additionally provides exclusive data sets for industry trends, audience insights, verticals and season. By taking into account various trends and statistics, agencies like JumpFly can better create custom approaches to help maximize client results. JumpFly’s valued Microsoft team is actively helping JumpFly identify these types of data-driven opportunities. JumpFly is fortunate and grateful to have this valuable resource available for its clients.

Founding Partner, Brad Garlin, said, “We are thrilled by our constantly improving relationship with Microsoft. We have seen tremendous growth and improvement in the Bing Ads Network and look forward to helping our clients continue to get the best possible ROI available from this large and growing audience.” JumpFly continues to actively participate in various Microsoft Bing Ads Events and works closely with its team to ensure clients take advantage of all the latest, greatest and most appropriate features to obtain the best possible results from their accounts.

About JumpFly:

JumpFly professionally develops, implements and manages Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Gemini and Facebook pay-per-click advertising accounts, enabling clients to maximize Internet advertising results while saving time and money. Proper setup and management of these powerful programs will likely make the difference between an advertiser’s success or failure. JumpFly’s full-service solution enables clients to focus on their core business while achieving the best possible results from their search engine marketing campaigns. JumpFly is a Google AdWords Certified Partner and Bing Ads Accredited Professional. JumpFly assists more than 400 clients, offers a money-back-guarantee, ranks as the #1 PPC Management Company by TopSEOs and Clutch, and has an A+ rating from the BBB.