If you advertise on MSN’s Bing and use the Microsoft adCenter Desktop, you have probably run into errors when attempting to sync your account.  These issues typically come after adding new keywords to a campaign and can be extremely frustrating to work through.  The most common error we have seen here at JumpFly is that there are duplicate keywords in the account.  We search and search but can never find these alleged duplicates.  So, we did some research and found out some useful information about what MSN calls “Normalization.”If you use Microsoft adCenter Desktop to manage your Bing PPC advertising, the following information may be useful:

Duplicate Keyword ErrorWhen working on Microsoft adCenter Desktop, have you ever attempted to “Sync” your account after adding new keywords to a campaign, only to receive an error that there are duplicates in the account?

I receive this error quite often, but in my case, it is not a matter of adding two of the exact same keyword. Often times, it is because I am trying to enter two forms of the same keyword that the Microsoft system has “Normalized”.

Normalization is the process by which Microsoft adCenter removes extraneous characters from user queries. An automatic scan finds and removes duplicate forms from the search query to help minimize redundant content.

For example, let’s say you are trying to add the following keywords in your account:

“jump fly”

jump & fly

jump fly/


jump’s fly

the jump fly

Each form of the keyword ‘jump fly’ above will be normalized to be read by the system as ‘jump fly’.

After attempting to sync your account with these new keywords, you will get an error message telling you that you are trying to create duplicate keywords, even though visually the keywords are very different.

Don’t get frustrated, here’s the explanation from MSN.  If you are looking for the latest release notes on what changes have been made to the adCenter Desktop tool, you can find that here.

As always, if you need assistance with Bing PPC Campaign Management, contact a qualified professional at JumpFly.