So you have your Google AdWords campaign budget set to $50/day and you are constantly reaching that spend level day after day.  Now what?  Of course, you could just leave it alone and continue hitting that threshold, thus having your ads taken offline in the middle of the day, or whenever that budget spend limit is reached.  Obviously, you could open the PPC Advertisingbudget up to $100/day to accommodate more traffic, but that is not always a practical solution, especially if your PPC advertising budget is tight or if your company has an absolute maximum threshold that they want to spend every day.  So, let’s say that the $50/day budget is an absolute max spend level that you have to work with — what can you do now?

You can lower some bids.  Let’s say your average CPC is $1.00 a click, so you are getting an average of 50 clicks a day for your $50/budget.  However, this $50 is spent by noon, so your ads are nowhere to be found later in the day.  Let’s also say your positioning is anywhere in the 1-6 positions, so you have a good solid presence when your ads do show.  Now let’s say some of your click-thru rates are pretty solid, some above 5% or even higher.  You could lower some of the bids down on those keywords and often see a very minimal movement downward in position, but reap the benefits of a lower CPC.  If you get your average cpc down to 75 cents, for example, you will now get 66-67 clicks a day for your budget, whereas before you pulled your bids down you were only getting 50 clicks a day.  Even if your positions are lower, your ads will be showing longer throughout the day, increasing the chances that your ad will get noticed and bring traffic to your website.

Don’t be afraid to try some lower positions, especially if your are constantly hitting your budget threshold.  You may be surprised at the volume of increased traffic your campaign sees just by moving down a single spot because the lower CPC is allowing more totals clicks to come in.