BLOG-Disapproved_adCenteradCenter recently changed the way you locate and manage editorial disapprovals in the UI in order to make it easier to find and take action. Unfortunately, while they were attempting to make it easier, it’s actually made it harder or downright impossible for those that have large campaigns.

The concept is great: go to your Keywords or Ads tab, and create a filter for Delivery: Disapproved and voila! there are your disapproved keywords or ads. ¬†Unfortunately, the system restricts the number of keywords that can be shown on the Keyword tab. If you’re over the limit, the system gives you no results and requires you to pick an AdGroup. The disapproval emails we get don’t tell you the AdGroup. The Alerts in the UI don’t tell you the AdGroup. I have campaigns with 500 or 1000 AdGroups – I have to manually go through each and every AdGroup to try to find which one has disapproved keywords.

The whole limiting the number of keywords on the keywords tab has been something that’s been an issue for months anyway. ¬†It’s exasperating to me that they made the change to show all Keywords in a Campaign, but only if you have small campaigns. And now the new “improved” way of finding disapproved keywords but limiting how you see them just adds insult to injury.

My plea to the adCenter Engineers: Take the limit off the number of keywords that can be shown in the Keyword tab and it solves the problem. We can see all our keywords AND we can find keywords that are disapproved in our campaigns. And we won’t have to bother our account reps for help every time we have keywords disapproved – a win/win/win for everyone!