Space is a precious commodity when writing for the PPC advertising. With a mere 25 characters for the title and two lines of 35 characters each in a description for an ad in Google, and a 40-character title limit and 70 for the description in Yahoo, sometimes you just need to add one more thing. A great spot to do it is in the Display URL.

PPC AdvertisingFor example, your AdGroup is Blue Widgets, your keywords focus on variations of “blue widget,” “blue widgets” and your URL is Your display URL could then be or Or What about – there’s no rule that says you have to include the www (but you do have to use an extension like .com, .net or .org).

In fact, there are just a few rules to follow with your display URL:
1. You have a maximum of 35 characters.
2. The display URL has to agree with your ‘host domain’ destination URL. You can’t have the Display URL of and the destination URL of
3. There cannot be an automatic redirect on the destination URL. You can’t have as the display and destination URL, with a redirect to

Use the display URL to your best advantage. When used properly, they can give you a little more edge over your competitors. In fact, display URLs are a great thing to test. Take your best performing ad, copy it and try out one or two different display URLs. We do this frequently for our customers at , with very good effect.