If your the owner of a local business that only caters to a specific region or area, then there are many great options available for you when it comes to PPC Advertising. One of the best is Google Maps and Local Business Ads.

PPC AdvertisingBack when I was growing up, and Benjamin Franklin was still walking the earth, my parents used the Yellow Pages to find local businesses and services like; plumbers, electricians, mechanics, towing, and even restaurants. Today, more and more people are turning to the cell phones and PDA’s to find these same business, and Google Maps is quickly becoming the preferred choice for their search.

It’s no secret that with PPC Advertising you can target your searches to a specific area or radius around your business address. Google Maps works the same way, but showing businesses related to a search within a specified distance. For example, you could search for “Pizza” near your house, or the hotel you are staying at while on vacation, and Google Maps will show all the locations within the specified distance.

Local business listings are free, however you can beef up this exposure and take advantage of the lack of competition by also using Local Business Ads in your Google PPC Advertising campaigns.

Local Business Ads, unlike regular text ads, have the ability to show a picture of your business, or logo, custom map icon and include your phone number. This means that your ad could show, and provide a new client, without even being charged for the click. Since your local business listing can also include coupons, payment information, and even reviews, Local Business Ads have the potential to provide low cost, highly targeted clients, directly to your business, for just pennies.

Correctly setting up Local Business Ads in your Google AdWords campaign is just one of the many skills that the highly experienced account managers here at JumpFly use to help your business grow. What does your Local Business Ad look like?