BLOG-Landing-Page-Optimization-For-Paid-SearchYou spend hours perfecting your keyword list to capture the highest quality traffic. You spend days creating the perfect set of ads to run in your beautifully organized PPC account. You then spend another day creating even better ads to A/B test against your initial perfect set of ads. You spend weeks pouring over data and optimizing your PPC account to bring in the best conversion rates at a lower cost overall. But before all that, how much time did you set aside to optimize your landing pages? A good landing page turns visitors into customers while a poor landing page results in high bounce rates and low conversions. Don’t overlook this very important piece to the PPC puzzle. Take a look at your landing page to see if you’re following these simple guidelines.

  • Create a visually appealing landing page. You only have a few seconds to get your message across before a visitor may decide to bounce. Make those seconds count! You want your potential customer to find the information quickly without any confusion. Create a page that is clean and easy to follow.
  • Make your landing page mobile friendly. Since 2015, the majority of searches come from mobile devices. If your landing page is not mobile optimized visitors will bounce immediately to find a page that is mobile friendly. Don’t miss out on potentially converting traffic just because your landing page is device specific!
  • Design compelling headlines and calls-to-action above the fold of your landing page. The important pieces to your page should appear at the top of your page to make sure that visitors will see the information upon page load. Create excitement through your headlines and page text and be clear about what you want the visitor to do next.

Focus some of your valuable time on creating a landing page that converts. We invest so much time optimizing PPC campaigns and forget about the important role that the landing page plays. Make sure you’re looking at the entire puzzle to create the best possible online experience for your potential customers!