jumpfly-presents-at-microsoft-all-hands-meetingFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

April 26, 2016 – After attending Bing’s Product Advisory Group in Santa Monica, CA, JumpFly’s Nikki Kuhlman was invited to visit Seattle, WA, and speak directly with Microsoft’s developers at the Engineer’s All Hands Meeting. Kuhlman joined Microsoft Principal Product Manager, Paul Apodaca, in front of 200 to 250 engineers, to lead a question and answer session.

The first questions were more or less directed to Kuhlman herself, in order to share some successes and concerns with Bing’s platform. Some of Kuhlman’s questions for discussion included:

1. What are the key go-to management tools you and your team rely on to be successful on a daily basis.

Kuhlman talked about the Dimensions Tab, Labels, Editor, Segments and the API. Kuhlman reviewed some of these tools’ core strengths and weaknesses.

2. What are some of the things you find frustrating as you work with our platform and services? Kuhlman talked about the MCC/Billing and User Management, Shopping and reinventing what’s known in Google. Kuhlman focused on platform inefficiencies, for example taking 4 to 5 clicks to do something that should take less. Also, there is data in the dimensions tab, but because it’s segmented by ad group, it’s not actionable. Reports are currently the only way to obtain the data that is needed.

Kuhlman says she, “really stressed that the engineers can make a substantial difference in our productivity; they might not think reducing an action by one click is a big deal, but when you replicate that across one client, and then across 275+ accounts, it really adds up.”

3. As a partner with Bing Ads, what’s changed for you over the last three years as you think about our products and services?

Kuhlman talked about how it really helped when Bing stopped trying to be different than Google; where they excel is doing what Google does, and making it better. That makes the learning curve for users shorter and gets more companies on the Bing platform.

Then it was time for questions from the audience; they wanted to know more about where they excelled and where they lagged behind what Google is doing. Many questions were tackled and everyone in the room left with a better understanding as to what Bing is doing really well and what still needs further attention.

Kuhlman received significant praise for her efforts. David Pann, the GM of Search Advertising at Microsoft introduced himself and thanked Kuhlman for coming and shared that he’d heard amazing things about the meeting. Kuhlman said that, “Many others kept coming up to me as well, thanking me and telling me what great things they had heard, including Lynne Kjolso, the GM of Global Search and Sales.”

Ramesh Manne, the Group Program Manager, said, “Thanks from the bottom of my heart for you taking time to talk with the team yesterday. A number of engineers told me personally that they are so happy to see a customer giving a balanced view and praising the work they have done so far. Every one of the presenters (including me) referred your name like 50 times. We will be calling yesterday’s all-hands meeting as Nikki’s meeting.”

JumpFly Founding Partner, Brad Garlin, said, “We’re thrilled that Nikki was invited to lead this event and further improve on our already strong relationship with Microsoft. JumpFly’s voice was heard, and we’re excited to help determine the improvements that will take place in Bing’s platform. Nikki was the first customer to ever speak at an Engineers All-Hands Meeting and she clearly did an amazing job. “

About JumpFly:

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