phone-call-tracking.jpg.pagespeed.ce.4diK2Zv-io (1)December 1, 2010 – JumpFly is proud to offer a free new call tracking service for Google AdWords advertisers. This powerful new tool enables advertisers to determine exactly how many calls were generated directly from their ads. This can be a very valuable tool for many advertisers and it does not even require using any precious, limited ad copy space as the call tracking number will appear on its own additional line. Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

Google AdWords call metrics assigns each campaign a unique phone number which is automatically inserted into advertiser ads on both desktop and high-end mobile devices. When a user calls the number in an ad with call tracking enabled, the call is automatically routed to the advertiser’s business, and AdWords notes that this call took place. Then, when looking at the AdWords interface, advertisers can see the number of calls generated by each campaign, call duration, and in the near future, caller area code. Advertisers will still only pay for clicks on their ads, but Google intends to charge for call metrics in the future, so be prepared for Google AdWords Pay-Per-Call.

AdWords advertisers can take Google call tracking one step further if desired and have the call tracking number follow a new visitor through to their website. Google provides the necessary tools and code to make this happen and this functionality can be installed without too much effort. To be clear, this feature enables the newly created call tracking number that appears in an ad to then follow this user to the website and appear at the website as well. This enables advertisers to see how many visitors call directly from the ad versus those who first go to the website & then call later.

Once advertisers know where their calls are coming from, they can better determine the results of their AdWords advertising efforts. Advertisers could test different ad text variations to see which results in the most calls or reallocate budget to campaigns that truly provide the highest ROI.

Call tracking can certainly be a valuable tool to better gauge Google AdWords advertising success. JumpFly can launch new campaigns that are setup and designed to take full advantage of call tracking. Contact JumpFly today to learn more about how call tracking can help your business.


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