If you’ve never heard of Twitter, you might have been hiding under a rock the last few years as the media has been inundating us with it left and right.  You don’t have to work in the technology industry to have seen and heard that Twitter has been growing in leaps and bounds recently.  Twitter has evolved from a small, underground community of social media gurus to one of the best places to go for real-time information provided by millions of people all over the world.  The twinfluence of Twitter has become so great that, earlier this year, Google began including the tweets from Twitter users into its search results.

Twitter-JumpFly-JoinsIn my humble opinion, one of Twitters best features is the fact that it helps businesses connect with their customers on a personal level.  Customers can use Twitter as a platform to inform a company about their experiences with that company’s products or services, whether good or bad.  This one-on-one customer interaction should ultimately help businesses provide a better customer experience to the people who have to power to make their companies successful.  Twitter also allows businesses to keep people informed on industry happenings, tips, tricks and so much more.

So, JumpFly has bitten the bullet and has joined the Twitterverse!  We may not have gathered as many followers as Kanye West (@KanyeWest), but we hope to be able to provide interesting and relevant content to our Twitter followers.  JumpFly has been ranked as TopSEO’s #1 PPC Management Company for the last two years and now it is time to share our wealth of information with our tweeps.  We hope to build our twibe of followers by providing useful, inspirational, interesting and compelling information about Pay-Per-Click Advertising on Google, Yahoo and MSN’s Bing.

If you are on Twitter, please take a moment to follow @JumpFly – we are confident that you will find our content relevant and informational.  Hopefully we will become Twitter’s PPC Management Authority.  Stay tuned to see what we have to offer!