Yahoo! Traffic Quality SummitJumpFly was once again among an exclusive group of Yahoo! advertisers selected to participate in Yahoo’s Traffic Quality Advisory Council. As part of an ongoing effort to improve search quality for both users and advertisers, Yahoo! held the Traffic Quality Council’s second Summit on July 22-23, 2008. JumpFly Vice President of Operations, Jack O’Donnell, spent several days as Yahoo’s guest at their Burbank, California Campus. Yahoo’s decision to once again include JumpFly in this summit demonstrates their valued relationship and further confirms JumpFly’s industry leadership.

Yahoo! calculates “traffic quality” by using conversion rates and other measurements of the partner sites’ ability to deliver more interested, valuable customers to advertisers. When Yahoo! determines that traffic from a Network Partner is lower quality, advertisers receive a discount for that traffic.

In his weekly PPC advertising blog, Jack O’Donnell explains that, “Yahoo! knows they need to work with advertisers to grow and improve the world of PPC advertising in order to keep it strong and bring advertisers the best ROI possible… What many PPC advertisers don’t realize is that they are not even charged for 12%-15% of the clicks coming in from their Yahoo! PPC campaigns. If Yahoo! cannot determine the validity of a click, or if they discover a blatant pattern of misuse from a user, they will then discard those clicks as invalid, even if that click brings you a conversion! Yahoo! would rather error on the side of caution for the benefit of the advertising community than charge advertisers for a click that has the possibility of being an invalid click. They have a highly dedicated team in place who are constantly monitoring this.”

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JumpFly professionally develops, implements and manages Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter Pay Per Click Advertising accounts, enabling clients to maximize results while saving time and money. Proper setup and management of these powerful programs will likely make the difference between an advertiser’s success or failure. JumpFly’s full-service solution enables clients to focus on their core business while attaining the best possible results from their Search Engine Marketing campaigns. JumpFly is a Google AdWords Qualified Company, Yahoo! Search Marketing Ambassador and Microsoft adCenter Premium Partner. JumpFly was recently named the #1 PPC Company in the country by

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