Are Google AdWords Image Ads the way of the future? Will graphic representations soon replace all those text ads filling the Google landscape? Probably not any time soon, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to take a closer look at trying Google Image Ads as an additional Google Image Adsmarketing tool for your business, especially if AdWords is performing well for you.

Google Image ads appear on select Google Content Network sites. By integrating the proven targeting of AdWords and the appeal of graphical images, image ads can help you reach an entirely new audience for your product or service. The key difference between the old banner ads and Google Image Ads is that the Image Ads can be matched to a website page’s content. This added level of targeting helps focus the Image Ads on the audience you want to reach, allowing you to better spend your advertising dollars on the customers you want to attract. Some Content Sites only show Image Ads, so the only way to reach some of this audience is by adding Image Ads into your marketing mix. You can even use Flash ads, giving your product or service a little bit of extra pizzaz.

JumpFly is happy to announce that we are now offering high quality image ad production for PPC management clients. There are eight different sizes of Image Ads you can run, so there is a nice variety of potential ads you can create. You can advertise with a large 728 x 90 Leaderboard Ad, or use a smaller 200 x 200 Small Square Ad. One can only wonder if graphical ads are the next evolution in the PPC marketplace. You may want to venture into those waters now while they are still shallow. You may reap the benefits much quicker than those who wait timidly on the shore.

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